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This is one of the ways jews will get websites taken down.

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Can offender's IPs be forwarded or reported?

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Yes. Discoball always files his reports properly. Hopefully they'll be hanged publicly.

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Makes you wonder why commies have so much CP.

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Only synagogue of satan members would use victims of sexual abuse/trafficking as a weapon. Sorry @EatDaP00P00 you had to deal with that shit, I hope the rest of your day goes better.

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It's all good @Sarevok. Voat is my favorite part of the day mingling with you niggerfaggots. I've seen the posts here before and it's not that I didn't believe them... but experiencing it with my own eyes kinda blew me away. As much as I wanted a career as a computer forensics examiner, I'd climb the bell tower if I had to look at that shit all day. Blessing in disguise I suppose.

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No matter what please don't climb a bell tower, sounds like you won't but just saying. Also that word, Niggerfaggot(kike), is so funny it pushes the weak minded away. Stay safe dude.

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lol this is nothing new.

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It happens at v/pizzagate too.

I'll have to find the thread, but it had a list of known pedo subverses. They seem to be the most likely culprits spear heading these attacks.

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Isn't there a way to prescan the the uploads DB (like a hash table) for known CP?

Minor changes can prevent simple safety measures like these from working. To be better at it you need something like an image recognition system - which may be one reason why Google Image Search was made available in the first place, because they needed that categorization system.

But there's another problem; once you have such a database, it can be "contaminated" with data for other images that aren't child porn, but that others desire to censor. For that matter, you may be required by law to censor some things, assuming you have a mechanism in place to do so.

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OK. Yep I can see minor changes screwing things up for sure. So on the other side, aren't the IPs of uploaders logged and then added to the deny list? I know they can go through a VPN or bounce through a proxy to hide their true IP address. I'm mainly just thinking out loud for a way to protect our Voat paradise!

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The only way I can think of is to switch to a system that can't be shut down. Go p2p.

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The pinkos have a short attention span though, I'd just shut it down for new files about 18 hours, they'd move on I think.

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They've been doing this off and on for a couple weeks now.