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Crench trying to be crench and I replied back to his comments. He got triggered when he said Americans sucked Jew cock for wwii and I called him out on liking Jews. Then he posted in protectvoat and I did the same. He took screen shots of some unrelated post to Whete he wanted to call me a nigger lover or what ever and I posted directly to his comment and dared him to delete it.

Maybe he’s angry I didn’t reply back to a comment from 9 days ago. I thought he never replied. I called him out and I said oops my bad because he did reply. My mistake.

Or maybe he’s angry that I started a more moderate center based Q style sub. We have a q sub so I ain’t making another one plus I can’t be bothered to screen cap all that crap. I didn’t want to water down their echo chamber circle jerk style postings so I decided it was better to post my own shit in my own sub. Maybe he doesn’t want competition .. but I was just trying to keep awakening clean from what others called my posts as forum sliding.

Honestly, I’m. It sure. But if he wants to pretend to be tallest_skil I’ll oblige him. Plus it’s fun! He’s all butt hurt and I’m just laughing my ass off as I do when I get talleat_skil all wound up. I wonder if they are brothers ... 🤔