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What the fuck is starting this feud?

You wrote your submission about the vibe being off here 5 hours ago.

Again without immigrants America wouldn't be what it is today.

so the US as a multinational country" and "consider how much better the US would be without the racial tension

-WhiteRonin 2.4 hours ago.

From @crensch

“No. Jews forced America to save Britain so the Jews could lie about the Holocaust and keep their own genocide under wraps.”

See, he clearly says Americans sucked Jew dick.

Fuck you Jew lover!

Written by WhiteRonin 47 minutes ago.

Media, news and politicians are involved in a long game of dividing people’s of many nations.

Literally the opposite. They want to push us all together and make us all ooga-boogas.

Saying we have to heal the divide is totally anti-voat since hating on chimps and tacos is the daily bread and butter here. But we have to, in order to become stronger than the NWO. A nation divided is easy to conquer.