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Your definition of very minimal activity is questionable. What I'm seeing is someone who posts at least a comment or two most days. Does that disqualify them from being able to have an opinion? And if they're saying something that could very well be true....well, I'm not seeing much evidence here. You could label me (or many other users) a shill, based on that. That's a slippery slope.

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You're speaking in terms much more concrete than mine, and trying to frame them as mine. At this point, you're arguing with yourself, basically. Do you wish to have a discussion, or simply be right?

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Not exactly, but okay. As someone who has been falsely labeled a shill in the past, and who has had posts made about what a shill I supposedly am, I'm just saying the shill hysteria does more harm than good. Not everyone who disagrees with you or isn't on as often as you is a shill. Plain and simple. I won't bother you anymore.