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I have never had a captcha on voat ever. What the fuck are you doing wrong?

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Maybe if you jew fuckwits weren't making brand new accounts every day you wouldn't have this problem. Stop making tons of sockpuppets and stick to a single user name.


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Oh, I never knew that.

My kid used to run VPN's for better gaming speeds(we have really shitty internet) but when he used to do that I would get captcha's, that's the only time I ever seen one though and my kid stopped using VPN's like the next day. Maybe it's something like that though.

Like it might not even be voat doing the captcha's but Voats ISP or hosting company or whatever might have a thngy that sees numbers not add up or somethng because during that VPN thing it asn't just voat but everythng sent me to captcha's.