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Maybe that's what they were TRYING to do.

Deleted comments don't give CCP, though.

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This is a test...

Edit: I just want to confirm that it's possible to retain ccp.

Edit2: @TestFarming: TestFarming 0 | 9 | 1

Edit3: account(24 minutes old) deleted, waiting for cache to expire.

Edit4: ccp retained

Another test here:

Edit: it sucks because ccp points are retained too. This method allows vote farming without deleting user accounts; all it needs is a somewhat hidden subverse with a mod that is also an alt of vote farming user. Sucks!

Edit2: second test account:

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Screenshot them, or post the usernames


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Yeah, if you have 11 bots, I guess it's possible.


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If an user, or a group of users, is playing the long con, he could create numerous alt accounts, like what the iron fist is doing. Then make numerous comments, and use other alt accounts to upvote it. And before being spotted, delete those accounts with comments/submissions wiped. Now, imagine executing this process in rotation with many other alt accounts, and then resurrecting them 3 months later. If that user does it often enough, the 3 months delay is nothing, since he is free to use other alt accounts.

Man this sucks!!