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@MegaDouche @RedditIsTheBest111 @SkittlesAndIcedTee @CIA_KILLED_JFK @CheeseboogersGhost

Not saying you guys should stop posting there, just be aware who runs the sub. (see parent)

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Uh.. what? Our interaction seemed pretty tame. In fact, it seemed pretty respectful.

Maybe you have me confused with someone else...

[–] srayzie 3 points 1 points (+4|-3) ago 

Oh get over yourself 🙄

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I accidentally pinged one of my friends instead of the jew I smoked out of a hole. Its been a hectic day and I got mixed up. It happens. My apology to @NotHereForPizza I am so sorry I pinged you instead of this jew shill @thisistotallynotme

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Wtf thanks I had no idea

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