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I didnt want to post this when it happened, I gave @discoball a chance to reply, he didnt.

Announcement of migration

First reports of imgoat's downtime posted 2 days before the migrating announcement

If he was migrating the site, why not warn us before or during the 2 day downtime?

There are questions @discoball needs to answer because it is highly suspicious.

I am moving to kek.gg until we get more info.


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I think you might have misunderstood, dooob.

Hang tight, the site is being moved

  • 3 days ago

You asked, "Was the migration announced?"

Here - https://voat.co/v/imgoat/2540754

You asked, "Why not announce it before moving?"

I did, the site hasn't been moved. It's still on the same server it's been on all along.

Your OP suggests @discoball claimed he announced the migration before DOWNTIME, but what you asked him was if he announced it before MOVING.

And he did. It hasn't moved yet.

I see nothing suggesting he claimed to have announced anything before downtime. What I HAVE seen is him reacting to the downtime by letting everyone know that he has plans to move and upgrade the site.


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Lets recap this, hopefully you will see it from my point of view.

imgoat goes down, owner unresponsive, sent two messages, nothing.

Two days after the downtime, owner comes online, makes the "Hang tight, the site is being moved" but then claims the site hasnt been moved yet, then whats with the downtime?


He still has wiggle room to claim it is DDOS, if it is or not we cant know but the way he shat on kek.gg makes it even more suspicious.

Also, to users claiming disco is very active n shieet, it took him 2 days to fix this, it takes him at least a day to answer messages. He claims he is trying to be more transparent and shieet with his "I swear I remove all the metadata" (something the darknet crowd knows is an exploitable trick, been done by FB1 a few times). Please point me to the "transparent" parts of imgoat or are they as transparent as the Obomo's presidency.

I might be jumping to conclusions here, I wouldnt find it so suspicious if he explained the downtime, he did not acknowledge it at all (check his messages, he focuses on migration and cp spammers, ignores the downtime).


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4 downvotes, only one comment, really makes you hmmmm