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All prominent voaters have been targeted by this type of harassment. Some of them are bots. Some are paid shills. Their goal is to bully you into quitting.

Steel your nerve, endure and never answer their questions. They accuse you of being X in an attempt to get you post doxxable information to prove them otherwise.

Screenshot what they post and just say bat shit crazy stuff to them. Let your followers know that you are being harassed and why. If you have a strong asshole streak, harass back.


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I’m not being harassed! Oh wait ahhh damnit...


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Ive Known Auralsects for a long time. He’s obsessed with me. Hojuruku is so crazy that it’s been posted on voat several times the last day that he’s on lolcow.wiki and kiwifarms. He has a long history of this.

Thank you.


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@srayzie is censoring the rude bits from her CP collection and sharing it again on VOAT!

I just get it and report it to police and secure it away so INTERPOL can finally force NSW Police Hand to arrest the boylover Garry Burns NSW Police Deputy Commissioner's brother.

I got dirt on her doing false flag terrorist attacks really big stuff due to be exposed soon (well a rehash of my 2015 research)

More information here: v/OccidentalEnclave/2518361