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Honestly, I wondered if he thought I was you and got confused. We're both "(supposedly female)", mod some similar subs, but the exception is I don't mod /v/TraditionalWives. Works out great because then he can claim victory when he sees I'm not a mod.


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Lol, check out the throttling of votes in this thread.

The one thing that freshmeat has never understood is the difference between SBBH and SDBH.. it's weird that 9-11 can't get the difference either. The real 9-11 sold his account.

We're both "(supposedly female)", mod some similar subs

Like to troll and shitpost, don't buckle in an Internet argument.. I've said it before, you are my alt ;)


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So you give tips on how to "get pussy"?and expect people to think you're female?

Implying women can't be wingmen?


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Implying women can't be wingmen?

Wingmen is sexist. Reeeeeee

Woman can make the best wingmen. Nothing like a bit of competition to get a woman interested..


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I'm guessing they use comment sheets that are filled with approved sayings. How much do you think these faggots get paid? They usually pick a lie and just beat it into the ground- so annoying.


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Don't forget their bot farm in v/truthhurts, a sub freshmeat and 9-11 were shilling for. You can see the attack vectors clearly.

  1. Attack popular users and content creators

  2. Push for mod powers and censorship

  3. Attack Putt

  4. Slide

  5. Ad hominem attacks without proof

  6. Vote manipulation and bots

All organised on their discord.

P.s. I haven't chatted to you in ages! How are you getting on, hope the babies are well?



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You finally started to notice?

You forgot to add @tallest_skil !

Now that I pinged him watch the “cry more” and “die” comments start to build! :-)

@tallest_skil and @fresh_meat are getting called out in anon subs for ruining realProtectNoting. I find it hillarious that members in that sub hate them.

Oh right! Just watch the SBBH is SRS comments too!

These guys are really useless tools.

Maybe we should start using anon subs like these faggets do? Post wild claims with ZERO evidence! I try to watch for these faggets when they do that and start calling them out for proof. Lol never gonna happen!

Hey @tallest_skil ! Cry more!


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Cook the rice, pay the price. Why would anyone listen to a race traitor?



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That one felt a little too low effort, and dare I say it, low intelligence to be sanegoat. Not zealous enough either. I got low IQ butterhuffer vibes. Probably just finished dying her hair 5 shades of purple before deciding to harass women who actually have a shot at procreating the old fashioned way.