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Possibly but there is far more than on group on voat that regularly uses alts. Do you remember Sanegoat getting 2k votes overnight or his LordSpartacus alt upvote brigading here? Most of my downvotes are from downvoting brigades in this very sub like the 100 pepes. It's not just one group and its not new. There are others but I'd rather not bring up old dramas best forgotten.


[–] Crensch [S] 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Pretty sure OP was from a thread about sanegoat/freshmeat. I'm about half convinced he's also Spamalek, since he admitted it, which would make my count of alt brigades at 1 user, (or group of users working in concert). Techius being the only other one to have existed off the top of my head, if he's not also sanegoat.

I've not found admissions or even similar typing patterns presented for other groups. I've also not found instances of non-sequitur or worse comments being upvoted to 22 in other places.

More than happy to hear your take on things.


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There are more. Like I said I'd rather keep quiet on some but look at v/truthhurts. That alone is proof of at least two opposing brigades. Often those votes come 12 hours later on both sides and in groups of 10 in 10-15 minutes. Then there is the old SDBH faction who are still owners and had a lot of alts and also hated MYG.