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Two shills get into a squabble which one is the biggest shekelstein. Hint: the one with the biggest nose outranks the other.


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I wouldn't call it a squabble as I avoid him and intentionally don't reply to him, simply because @puttitout has made it clear he is specifically above the law on voat, can spam troll dox and harass without penalty. v/realProtectVoat is the non-reddit version of this sub btw


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They are retarded. I feel sorry for them, really. It has to suck going through life being mentally stunted and thinking they understand even basic concepts.


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I'm sure you have evidence to your accusations correct? The shill part is easy to prove but I'm interested to see how you can back up the paid part.


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Shill as in I have an opinion about things like every single user of voat?


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I try not to post on far left subs like v/protectvoat because v/realProtectVoat is the non-reddit option, but I think censorship of the far left,socialists and commies like you @gabara should be encouraged to limit the harm you can do to society. I don't see how that conflicts with my Christian beliefs or is in any way immoral. Preventing godless atheists like you from corrupting society should be encouraged. I've long proposed that the only way for the west to regain its morality and thus strength is to reinstate its blasphemy laws like existed for centuries.

What I'm confused about is how or why you think I should support the far left in the name of free speech, or why your concern trolling sways any opinions, or what your unnatural obsession with me is. I understand your hated for Christians is fundamental, but I just want to understand your pathology a little better.