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how so, I see nothing being abused.

And, of course, your ignorance is the only evidence needed.

This isnt a wiki website.

Irrelevant to the point in contention. You said that such a thing would be abused. Wikis have such a thing. Please provide examples of abuse.

This is irrelevant.

Actually, it isn't, although I concede that it's not a one to one comparison. However, the lack of total and complete perfection of the analogy does not make the analogy irrelevant.

Look, I know im new here,

Beside the point, either way.

but this is just a ridiculous idea and hardly worth the time of devs here.

That is your opinion, but you have yet to back it up with, you know, the kinds of evidence and examples I asked for.

It would seem to me this addition would only be used to stalk people, and it would be abused.

Now, see, there is a reasonable point. It's a pity you only bring it up after going through the dance of dismissal, because your opening with "ridiculous" and other empty rhetoric meant to prejudice other readers against the point before you address the point is either simply bad form on your part, or else bad faith argumentation.

Perhaps, instead of dismissing first and then barely mentioning why, you should make your case first, and back it up with more than "I'm a victim of a stalker", because guess what, bucko? I've had several. I know intimately how narcissists and sociopaths operate, as I've been targeted by multiples of each.

There are benefits to the way things are, I'm not arguing there are not. But there are benefits to what I propose as well. And negatives both ways, too. I've noted that at least once before. I brought this up as something to consider, and specified why I thought it worthy of consideration. Maybe, instead of calling it ridiculous and harumphing about how you personally don't like it, you should address my reasons.