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which /v/soapdoxbanhammer thread did you find funny enough to share

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called it

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We don't want word of voat to spread. That's the point. Inviting every retard on the internet is how everyone else operates. We are much more selective of our members. Only the best and brightest minds come here and remain through the great filtering process.

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What, you don't lol at the people who come here, get offended and leave? It's not like sharing individual posts could cause the sort of Great Migration that caused weeks of disruption before the masses ran back to Reddit.

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I definitely laugh at newbs, but I don't consider anyone a goat until after they live through a new user wave and still stick around.

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Yeah we hate people that think for themselves! We're not trying to spread a message!

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This would make a good submission at v/ideasforvoat.

Edit: Two most-likely subs: sdbh or ROTR

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/v/CouncilOfShitposters has been called out. I'm gonna have to step up my game. That's it, the guy is no longer just shirtless, he's going to be mustasheless now too!

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Nooooooooo not moustacheless!!!!!!

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What did you share?

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SDBH link.

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I agree. Clicked on a link to the ROTTR sub at work.. lo and behold a swastika appeared at the top of the screen for all to see. Luckily nobody seen it.

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In fairness you work for the ADL, so yeah.

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Gotta take em down from the inside.