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The only kinds of subs where censorship is reasonable are hate subs, and in those cases the only reasonable reason to censor is when a post is in support of the subject/topic that the sub is dedicated to hating.

Every non-hate sub should be modded the same way a system sub is. If it is not the mod needs to go. You seem to believe that subs belong to the mods and they are entitled to be a little dictator if they want to be. That is reddit-thinking and you need to get that shit out of your head. Free speech uber alles. Free speech is the reason that voat exists and it is the reason why voaters are here. A mod is a janitor, not an overseer. The "owner" is a maintenance person, not the ruler.

The fact that censoring mods aren rejected by the vast majority of voaters who hold free speech in the highest regard does not mean that the "muh lynch mob" victim card can be played to defend censorship and condemn people who support the core principle of the site.