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Fuck off, you goddamn pedophile.


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He may be a sick piece of shit, but he's not wrong.


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EDIT: I thought gabara's comment referred to American law and you retorted with Canadian law. But if /v/nonnude contains CP it is illegal. If it does not, ignore the rest of my comment.

Voat is based in the United States. It adheres to American law.

From Voat's User Policy:

Protect Kids:

You agree not to post any child pornography or sexually suggestive content involving minors.

Kindly refrain from posting CP in the future. Though it has not happened before, failure to stop posting such content could get your account banned. Voat supports free speech but it wants to protect kids as well, and also protect itself from American law.


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I've never posted CP in the past, I don't post CP in the present and I will not post CP in the future. If people are annoyed by the content I post and they think it's CP, well, that's their problem and they can block the subverses where I posted these images.


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Too bad this ain't Canada. Now do everyone a favor and fuck off somewhere else.


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Read the post he's replying to.