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This is more something for v/reportspammers. If you look on the sidebar there you can see a link to report a user. Then just say what you want in a comment.


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You forgot to ping me to your baseless accusatory post.

hey, do you not see the difference in posting styles? I posted direct links.

I found a post I liked by the rogue fella, so I posted a link or two from the site. Afterwards, I went out of my way to re host on imgoat. https://voat.co/v/nsfw/1805022

So what if I occasionally post from that site? I'll ha ave my say, too. If you don't like, post your own shit



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I'm going to mark this off-topic anyway, it's not what this sub is for.


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Even if he reports you your post history is in the rules so they'll be wasting their time