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Yes please. :(


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As far as I'm concerned, the goat has died.

Awh man /:
Ya know... the admins are young, inexperienced, and not paid for this. Some mistakes will happen, but I think we can work through it. It doesn't seem right to push a political-ish stance on a system sub either. I can't say I agree with how things rolled here (on either side).

My opinions aside, and more importantly: Do you really have to go? You're an excellent good goat ): I'd be super-sad to see you go. I really enjoy your contributions.

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Whether a post, or css, is appropriate for a sub is, in my opinion, up to the users.
But if it is up to the admins, then step one is 'have a rule', step two is 'discuss with/warn mod'. removing him would be step 3 or later.

the unwritten rule

there are no unwritter rules. That is how Eddit plays. Not Voat.
Our rules are out in the open. And only known posted rules should ever be enforced.

the unwritten rule we as subverse owners and mods have agreed to.

We never agreed to that. We've always said that we would take our mandate from the community, and nobody else.
If the admins don't like that, they can do whatever they want about it. But they would have to violate the principles that brought many of the users here.

Where's the transparency? Where's the discussion and communication?

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If I demodded people who were mods on subs that I was (O) of that would be my call. Why is this any different? The (O) of v/videos removed you.