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I hope you recognize that some trolls will be taking advantage of this situation. Highlighting it like this is exactly what they want you to do. I would figure some are even trying to provoke a fight for the "lulz" or whatever word it is they are using now.


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This here. Look below at the replies you are starting to get. You just invited a bunch of trolls to this sub.


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Did you really just invite the fucking FBI to Voat over this shit? Amalek has been doing this here forever.

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He's sent out multiple death threats and doxxing threats in the past to many of the people keeping an eye on his spammed shit.

However, that's all it is: empty threats. Until we can feel like the threats are credible and are actually likely to result in physical harm to us, the threats aren't crimes. At the absolute most, you might be able to make a "cyberbullying" case in a state with some extremely liberal laws about "safe spaces", but even that is pushing it.

You have done nothing here but tell the trolls "I'm easily triggered" and make the FBI spend resources investigating a non-crime.


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Geez I take a few hours off from Voat to have Thanksgiving and someone called the Feds already? Fuck I can't leave you kids alone for a min!


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@kevdude. Your userbase is retarded.


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Are you trying to say we are the opposite to FPH where the userbase is ok and the mods are retarded?


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Rather be retarded as a mod running intelligent users than a relatively smart mod running retards.