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The admins won't do fucking shit unless police are involved so dox away.


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  1. No one in this thread is even mentioning doxxing but you and RyanLochte (an account that isn't even 2 days old). This is not about doxxing, this is about mod censorship. We don't give a crap who the bad mod in question is in real life, we just feel the need to remind them of how Voat's stronger emphasis on freedom of speech impacts the standard course of action for moderators and users.

  2. The admins here (Atko and PuttItOut) have stepped in on many occasions over the past 18 months (that I've been here to witness) without police involvement at all. If they think pizzagate is an important subverse (several thousand subscribers and almost immediately listed as a "featured" subverse, so they obviously do) and that this violates the standard policies of Voat (the "cucpcake" mod deletions did, and the "no social media news" rule did, so this should also be a violation), then they're almost certainly going to be stepping in pretty soon.


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Blah blah blah TL;DR. Hope you enjoyed typing stupid shit that wasn't read.