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[–] Disappointed 2 points 58 points (+60|-2) ago 

The same thing happened with the other two subs that came over recently didn't it? Complacency and apathy are the real danger here. If we have a bunch of new users who don't care about free speech and that are used to mods shoving them around and running a tight ship then we need to double our efforts to make sure that doesn't leak onto the defaults. If it does and it has before we all need to stand up and help those who are willing to call it out.

I see many people who are proud to say Voat is a place of free speech but when push comes to shove and a default mod acts up we need to be unified in calling that out. Maybe then these others will see our passion and wonder if they wouldn't like a bit of the same in their own subs and question the mods who have them on a short leash. If they aren't defaults lets still speak out and try to convince people its better to let a few harsh words go by when what's at stake across the whole world is our right to speak our minds. They are locking people up in Britian for being mean n the internet. Lets fight for what we have otherwise we might lose it.


[–] piratse 1 point 16 points (+17|-1) ago 

I just requested to take control on the sub in v/subverserequest , feel free to upvoat it. I want to clean out the current mods that are brand new and already abusing voat, and get reliable voaters with a background/skin in the game to take over. Many of you may or may not know me, and even if you don't like me you can't point to one time that I have censored anyone, and I never will.
A couple days ago I sent this to /u/kingkongwaswrong (can provide screen shot of sent mail if needed) and got NO response and he put in a ton of brand new accounts right after: "If you are looking for a mod (even temporary). I would be happy to assist. I left reddit a year and a half ago with over 30k comment karma and have been on voat since. I am an active user and mod several subs. I am just looking to help out and will happily step down if you find a better team. Pizza gate is a/will be a big sub, so I want it to be the best it can. I have also made contributions to the subject here and on 4chan (to stay anonymous). Feel free to peruse my account before you decide. Either way, good luck and welcome.

One thing I will NEVER do is censor someone because I disagree with them, I will however uphold the rules of the sub as I do in my low activity ones. And in my experience there is rarely a gray area, gray areas 90% of the time are an excuse to censor."


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Good for you mate, I wish we had more mods like you.


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Dude this really needs some music backing to listen to while reading it.