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All I've seen people do is question you for banning him as a spammer of the sub when he only spammed your inboxes. I've also seen them question you over the length of the ban. All you keep repeating is that users want spammers banned but you neglect to mention that noone would have been imagining this scenario and everytone woul have thought you meant people spamming the sub. I saw you tell people not to be dishonest make sure you're not doing the same. If you wont make a sticky asking the users then you should be questioned for acting high and mighty.

Edit: Ive also seen you say "there is no PV just individual users" but here you are using "PV" like its one whole entity when it suits you.


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All I've seen people do is question you for banning him as a spammer

There's a couple issues being a pushed together. AOU doesn't even have a problem with the ban. He wants us to increase the amount of removals we do, despite the community discussion where it was made clear to us that users want the edge cases to be handled with voats.

All you keep repeating is that users want spammers banned but ..

You may have missed some of the conversation then. Here is Violentlight summing it up well

If you wont make a sticky

If you've followed it that far, you must have seen us say that we are willing to make a sticky if the community is concerned. I've suggested many times : "If you would like to see changes in the rules, start a dialogue with the community. The mods do not make the decisions on rules here without community approval."
If users showed any interest, a sticky would go up.

At this point, it is only one troll, and some over-excited PV users. So no sticky needed. If that changes, one will go up. For now, the next planned feedback post will be in about a month.

Ive also seen you say "there is no PV just individual users"

"PV community" is a thing though.
When I've said that in past, it is when someone is responding to a user and calling that user PV. It is possible to talk about the community though. Not sure how clear I am being, but those are not the same thing.


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So who to you is the community of videos that you would listen to? You dismiss 4 or 5 users as PV "over excited PV users" (which is condescending) but aren't they also users of Voat and therefore the system subs? If you get selective about who you consider is the community then you can craft a situation where you can dismiss almost anyone. Maybe you value someone like Evrocot opinion over the exitable PV users or mine because I know for sure I'll be an excitable PV user after this even though I've submitted to your sub before.

I am concerned as a member of the v/videos community and genuine submitter of content for this site and would like you to ask the users if a one month ban is ok for this situation and for a real user of Voat not just a spammer under your changed definition. How will you dismiss me now?


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I've been off. What user is this?


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Aou has been trolling and manipulating this sub. Looks like he read your sidebar and did exactly what the users were warned about.

Doesn't seem like a few of the users, and mods read the sidebar.

I'll let you dig and form your own opinion, but regardless of how you feel about the banning, it has been handled very poorly here.


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I am going to investigate all of this. But we don't ban nonspammers in defaults.


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Why cant you just ignore the reports from that user? It's not that hard.


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Same reason we don't ignore them everywhere. It Jams up the queue, resulting in more stuff slipping past, and less time for us to deal with real reports.

This wasn't just one or two false reports. He was flooding us.


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Please reverse the ban. A nuisance (to you) is not worth setting such a dangerous precedent.