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Oh, I just realized. Even though I only ever made a single link submission to /v/gunsarecool, @HenryCorp got triggered and felt that he had to ban me from /v/conflictofinterest and /v/government as well (while also banning a good number of prominent PV users from every subverse he moderates).

1 post that I spent close to an hour searching for (in an attempt to find something that didn't outright scream left- or right-wing agenda), and I was banned from ever posting in 3 subverses.

Not because I was spamming, not because I was breaking rules, not because I was being rude.

Because a moderator disagreed with me.

@HenryCorp, go back to Reddit. You can't handle Voat's freedom, so just return to your little AutoModerator-run harem of subreddits. You'll find no support for your kind here.


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My favorite... [emphasis added]

kevdude | HenryCorp | spamming bad news sources, SEO | 2/25/2016 10:52:43 AM


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Because I'm bored and want to make this easier to read (especially since he updated the ban list just yesterday, after his subverserequest got denied):

List edited out, because HenryCorp used it to rebuild his ban lists.

Fuck you, HenryCorp.

Every last one banned by @HenryCorp

So it seems that HenryCorp is so mad at all the people who posted criticizing comments in the /v/SouthPark subverserequest thread (6 users edited out) that he has banned us from every single subreddit he moderates, despite most of us never even visiting, let alone posting on or spamming, the majority of those subverses. @Maxcactus, your thoughts on these bans?