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"I'm tired of all these drunk sluts with their tits hanging out" - some faggot.

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You know what's wrong with the world?!...

I went through the top hundred things in my head and haven't yet landed on "slutty Bavarian Oktoberfest women"...

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https://archive.fo/BowW6 :

Oktoberfest women accused of wearing 'porno dresses' | Daily Mail Online

'A Munich-based crime author asked why so many people felt the need to poorly imitate the traditional Bavarian clothing. ', "Ulku Stephanides, who has run the Carnival Store in Kensington, west London, said: 'For women, we have either knee-length or shorter than knee-length dresses.", "Oktoberfest revellers have been accused of over-sexualising the annual event and using it as a chance to wear 'porno dresses'."

'I have to go to Germany, to Oktoberfest".'Around 6.2 million people attended Oktoberfest last year, where 7.5 million one litre glasses of beer were drunk. '

' Britons were among the top ten visitors to the annual festival, which has been running since the 1800s in. '

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What sort of aids ridden fag or jealous hag cries an ocean over boobs? Do the world a favor and off yourself as soon as possible.

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They seem to be crying over the bastardization of traditional Bavarian dress rather than the tits.

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It was either a fat person or a muslim, possibly both. There is a reason they keep there women covered up.