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The Swedish people this message is relevant to will never see it.

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I don't understand why they would not. It fathoms me, but there are certain components at play that need to be recognized.

These people are too well-thought out, too ethical, and ultimately this all builds to a kind of self-hatred that almost becomes difficult to deal with and spreads like a virus in a certain kind of way. Its why we need something great to happen to change and shift events in the right direction.

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It isn't ethical. It's vain and conceited. They believed beyond reality that they were so admired, the entire world just wanted to be exactly like them.

They're so disconnected that they actually believe racism isn't a natural inborn instinct in every human.

When they went on holiday, the natives were trained to be nice to them because of tourist dollars. They thought it was them.

One minority in a sea of white adjusts themselves to fit. Twelve don't have to. The less minority they are, the more inclined they are to just kill the white and take their stuff.

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This again provides proof that the ethics of the white man is inborn and leaves him vulnerable to the other. I think it ultimately has to do with the fact that the imagination of the white man is directed towards the objective, which means they do not have a very good self-conceptualization of themselves, they tend to see nature as extensions of themselves in a singular form(which is because they have a superior form of consciousness that makes them prone to the corrupting forms of religion and because their self-mastery leads out to mastery of nature, instead of a joint union with it), and thirdly because their impressionistic sense of reality and the other only concerns itself with reality and the other rather than with the self and those within their own community.

This has been driven on by the origins of ethics being due to not mere communicatory and conceptual formulations, but also to a kind of great emphasis on abstract ideas that then seep over to a systematized formulation of ethical systems, which at first bind people in as one community, but also serve as a kind of manner, due to their "symbolic" roots to turn one against oneself and against one's own people because how it leads to an over attachment to ethical systems modifying the predispositions that make the white man prone to submerging himself into the nature of the non-white man.

I think these are ultimately the heart of the problem, namely the tendency to abstract certain ideas and then use them to derive certain ethical systems that one abides to by any stretch of the imagination. Otherwise, whites have always been very communal and loved their own kind exclusively. You mean that the more minorities you have the more inclined they are to kill whites and take their stuff.

Right? When there are basically no minorities the chance of having something cataclysmic happening or whites getting killed is next to impossible, but it always exists I suppose.

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Some say Sweden has not fought a war in over 340 yrs, depends how you count it a few battles maybe last time vs Norway for a few weeks in 1814?