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I can find nothing that proves this.

EDIT: /u/CRKT_M16Z provides a truth bomb in this comment. Truth being Kahn tried to get involved and was not allowed because he was not only a foreigner (and therefore incapable of getting security clearance for the case) but not licensed to practice law in the district. Folks need to stick to the truth instead of making shit up.

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In 2008, reports revealed that Khan was serving as a legal consultant for convicted 9/11 plotter Zacarius Moussaoui. It was further revealed that Khan was the only practicing Muslim on Moussaoui’s defense team. Moussaoui was ultimately extradited to the US, where he pled guilty to taking part in the 9/11 attacks.

Except Moussaoui was not extradited to the US. He was captured in Minnesota. So if I can't trust a very important part of their story I can't trust the rest of it.

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Part and parcel bitches!

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Came to say this, something like part and parcel from having a fully corrupt government.

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Terrorism has infiltrated the London establishment. That is probably why the E.U. said to hell you guys can leave and have your Islamabad. Hardcore cosmopolitanism with nothing holding it back will do this to one.

Its when you undermine the peasant and empower the middle-man to the extent that it creates a massive class break and then worse enough empower the middle-man by politicization his stance in society, which is the death knell to the elite of a country.

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His job was to be the coolest lawyer.

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The interweb is a yuuuuge ocean, but you had to come fish where I fish? Lazy faggot!

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That doesn't really look like him...