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They aren't kidding. They will kill them all eventually. The idiot Germans think they're so fantastic that the muslims want to become just like them.

Vanity is a pretty bad disease.

Frankfurt is old Western Germany so they don't care. While the Eastern germans were locked under communism rule, the German media had a policy of making out that eastern germany was an OK place, just a little different. Anyone that disagreed was a conspiracy theorist nut job and heretic. They're fat assed lazy sheep in other words.

In Chemnitz where they're demonstrating, it's ex east German. Everyone except Europeans know that the ex communist people are aware of what's happening, so when all of East Germany starts talking about separating and forming their own country, the lazy fat asses will be shocked to find they're the Stasi no one wants anything to do with.

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They certainly seem soft. 15 muzzies with sticks and knives? Why weren't they killed? Not even one? Really pathetic. Sounds like West Germany is all soyboys.

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The Muslim cries "allah ackbar" while he strikes you.

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I see what you did here. Nice!

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There are probably a lot of normies going to clubs. How many of them will now start voting AFD and convince their friends and family to do so?

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Ban stones, and clubs.

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I saw Frankfurt as the next place ripe for protests against the crypto-Muslim government in place in Germany. Let's hope that once it hits Frankfurt it spread like wildfire. I pray it will and think it will.

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What a bunch of far left extremists.

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I've seen storm clubs in rpg's but where did muslims find some?