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Well Europe is easy prey, Merkel and that crap over in UK asking the refugees to come rape our woman and kids plus earn unlimited benefits.

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Don't forget France which is about to undergo Civil War

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Sorry, I did forget them. RIP France

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I always did wonder why Muslim refugees didn't seek help refuge from Muslim countries. One would think their kin would be the first one they'd ask for help. Instead, they go to Christian countries. It makes one stop and wonder. (And fuels the hate.)

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You can't save them unless they want to save themselves. They have to learn on their own to value what they have and what their ancestors left for them.

If they simply asked, Americans would make sure Eurofags were armed to the teeth. They don't ask. Europe right now is America's older junkie whore sister. They still scoff at our guns, our free speech and capitalism. They don't believe us when we tell them their addictions are deadly. They are mostly blind to their descent into squalor.

They only thing you can do is let them know that we are ready and willing to support them when they are ready to get clean but do know know that some of them will never choose to get clean.

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I don't see it happening without violence. Since the 1960's they've had that peace, love and understanding suicide mantra shoved down their throats specifically for this reason. Half of them are as as zealous.and fanatic in that as the Muslims are about their shit.

No one can vote this shit out. Trump was a witness to the insider shit from the start, so he knew about election tampering and he had people with him that knew about election tampering. Europe, Canada, Australia doesn't have anyone like that. It's like trying to get someone in Stalin's team to turn on him and go rogue. Plus the media in all those countries are part of the political party machine as well.

Anti lefts have to get mean with their fanatical leftist family members. They have to tell them to their face that they're for responsible for this murder, that murder. This rape and that one. Shove a list of the dead, their names, age, and how they died into mommy and daddy's faces and call them murderous cunts. Until they can do that, I don't see karma/white daddy fixing everything, like it did for every boomer's life

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why don't you dumb fucking europeans stop bombing and terrorizing muslims in their home countries so they don't have to flee to europe?

BTW- have you never heard of the The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe?

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Our exploited altruism

There is no such thing.

Leftists are purposefully importing niggers to vote left, like they are doing in the US, where 95% of all niggers perpetually vote left for decades.

Leftists are purposefully importing niggers to vote against future Brexits and stop the native populations from leaving the New Soviet Union.

If leftists werent playing strategic games with niggers, there would be no "altruism" helping niggers. That perceived altruism is almost exclusively "here is food, vote for me, nigger" leftist fake altruism.

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Childless leaders.