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Yup. This is brilliant. The missing puzzle piece. The University that I attended was undergoing this dramatic expansion during my tenure there, an unhappy process that included decreasing diversity, increasing coursework difficulty & etc. in order to bolster the University's reputation and market position.

This seems like it comfortably establishes the motive for the expansion of the University system, and the degree inflation process. It's about money. Perhaps University's are meant simply to indoctrinate young liberals, creating a hegemony based upon Professors as political enforcers, and create a slush fund of the sort described. How shocking. It was never about training us for the workforce, or expanding scholarship. It seemed fishy at the time, but is starting to make sense.


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https://archive.fo/5xprH :

Universities Are Becoming Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds With Schools Attached | The Nation

'Nevertheless, targeting hedge funds remains a promising tactic for uniting students and workers against hedge funds’ efforts to increase inequality, and using our tuition dollars and public subsidies to do so. '

'A report by Preqin, an organization that provides research to investors, states that the school’s investment in hedge funds is around $500 million. '

'Of course, kicking hedge funds off campus won’t solve the college crisis or instantly reform the financial sector. '

'The problems with hedge funds managing college endowments are manifold, going well beyond the exorbitant—some would say extortionate—fees they charge for their services. '

'Similar campaigns could easily be waged against university endowment partnerships with hedge funds. '

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