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My domain is the hard sciences and mathematics, so I'm not an authoritative source.

I'd speculate that it's a matter of nurture, as opposed to a matter of nature. Kids are being taught that they are special and that their feelings are important. In theory, those are good things to teach kids. I suspect we've gone overboard with this and we no longer allow kids to feel pain and failure. We no longer hold them accountable, because they're never giving a chance to do anything unsupervised.

I'm absolutely not an expert on this subject, however. Those are all speculations pulled from my ass and are just things that I've observed and seem the most probable causes.

The thing is, kids are resilient. They don't learn this resilience and independence unless they're given the chance. I'm not sure what kind of adults they're going to make.


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I'm not sure what kind of adults they're going to make.

We've seen what 'adults' they make... Millennials.

  • And the herd can only move as fast as the lamest individual.


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Could this be to break up unity?


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When everyone has to be your friend; no one is.


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Civility, if you do wish to discuss this... Thanks.