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I'm far from an academic, and I would have loved to have been one in Academia 30+ years ago. In the past decade it does seem the tide is turning more into a political indoctrination rather than a place to better one's own understanding of the world.

Either way, got yourself a sub. Can I discuss learning resources here, like if I find an interesting paper on botany?

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Absolutely. The goal is to provide educational materials - so it's pretty liberal in the rules.

Once upon a time, higher education was a place where you went to learn how to learn. These days, it's mostly turned into job training and, with that, conditioning. It's disappointing but there's still good resources for those who wish to learn how to learn. Like my math sub, submissions should be able to be tied into education. It is actually a pretty lenient rule.

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Awesome, good to know. I may even post some good lectures, love me some lectures.

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Despite the grandiose intellectual ideals your sub espouses (which I wholeheartedly endorse, bravo), please acknowledge that it is acceptable to say niggerfaggot on said sub.

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Can you do so while remaining civil, niggerfaggot?

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The dude abides to this.

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I can and I will.

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You can't say it on my University Sub.

I'm a fascist. Enjoy liberal mathematics.

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I like the direction this is going. The most trouble I have with learning is to find something useful to learn and then to procure the related material. Even more difficult is to assess whether you mastered what you set out to learn. For example, I always wanted to get a basic grasp of medicine and how the human body works, but accumulating knowledge gets me nowhere.

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I find it easier to collect something and process it, before moving on to the next thing. It helps me know what to look for next and it keeps me from getting information overload. Doing self-directed learning can be difficult and requires more attention than getting instruction from a professional.

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That's why there are certification exams.

Take a free practice test online, or pay the bucks for a chance at the real test that grants certification.

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Real tests ain't online, though, so you have to take one on their schedule, possibly in a far away city. Just too much trouble, besides those certifications have kind of lost their value. Just like everything else officially related to education. Also, it's kind of doubtful that they let you in to test your skills on, say, brain surgery. Though, I imagine it's easier to get something like that going on a corpse or something than getting anything that would be useful out in life on a real human. Like first aid stuff.

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What was wrong with /r/iamverysmart?

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It's about education and academia, not about bragging.

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Thanks bubba

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Wonderful idea for a sub! I fully support it.

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As an older goat who never finished high school. Is 40 too late to start learning again?

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I see this is a little old but I still want to give you at least one more option.

If you haven't heard of this site please check it out. It's a free resource that I hope is of use to you.


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It's never too late, but you are like a rock that has been rolling down hill. You have a long climb ahead of you to get back to where you were and an even longer one to catch up.

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It's never too late.

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Yeah it's not exactly great. There is a story behind it. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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You, TheBuddha, are a gem amongst us goats. Subscribed. BTW, did you buy that farm with the usurper chicken that's been laughing at you? lol. If so, how did it taste? Like chicken I'm guessing.

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I am in the process of buying said farm. It is going to be a lengthy process, as it is a business. We must first have an inventory, an appraisal, verification of all deeds and assets, and then I have two people I pay to give me solid advice. So, the answer is, "Working on it."

Was it you who I'm supposed to do the PDF of chicken stories for?

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Yes. Like yourself, chickens amuse me.

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