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Might be good to add tips on how to research. My tip: identify primary sources and know the difference between primary and secondary sources. Local librares are great (and usually subscribe to paid search engines or other academic resources) but National libraries and [local and national, public and private] archives are great for finding primary sources.






Many companies keep detailed archives, most you have to ask permission to view and helps if you are polite, know what you are looking for and why.



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Thanks for posting such a wide variety of interesting material. It's appreciated.


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You're most welcome. I try to cover a wide variety of subjects but also to cover them deeply - meaning that they're educational links, more often than not. I try to think of it as setting out a buffet. You can pick and choose what you want and nobody expects you to try everything. I also don't just submit stuff that I agree with - I submit factual information that I think may help people learn, grow, discuss, debate, and share.

My free time will be cut short in the spring, but I may try to keep up with the submissions after that. I'll still check in, but I won't have nearly as much free time.

If one person learns something from my post each day, I'm pretty excited. Obviously, I have a history of academics and so I'm an authoritative source on a few subjects. As such, I feel a social obligation to answer what questions I can. People think academia is a gated community, but we're actually pretty open. If I ever want a research paper, and I can't get it any other way, I just email the author. Hell, sometimes I email them for the data that wasn't included in the journal.

Anyhow, I've run the academic gamut. I've even done post-doc reviews for refereed journals in a process known as "peer review." I've given a number of lectures and presentations. I'm also one of the few people on Voat that doesn't actually mind being doxxed.