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What did this guy think would happen when he used a platformed owned by Muslims.

He isn't wrong. No one is even asking if he has a point. They are just screaming ISLAMOPHOBIA. Typical response.

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He's telling them to fuck off, which is awesome.

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If you are going to offend include everyone. Name one country that has benefited from immigration of any race/religion from a 3rd world country? Importing 3rd world problems begets 3rd world problems.

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Guess they couldn't think of one...

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Just tell them, "No."

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Typical response by left wing idiots- couldn’t answer his question with any facts, just responded with the usual (yawn) name calling.

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I'd vote for this guy. Even if this guy is wrong (which he isn't) he's still got the right to free god-damned speech for chrissake. Female genital mutilation anyone? I always bring that up with these SJW shrews and it pipes them down a bit. Or ask them if they support Sharia law. Puts them in a bind