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From Glen Beck's July 11, 2018 show, at just before forty minutes in:

GOLBERG: You know, there is this sort of time-tested thing... about how things go bad when Germany's defense bugdet goes up?

BECK: [laughing with a closed mouth] ahm mm hmm hmm

GOLDBERG: [laughing like a chipmunk] Right?

BECK: [still laughing] hmm mm mm [goes silent]

GOLDBERG: [still laughing] Um.

GOLDBERG: [composing himself] But as a general proposition, [excitedly] by all means I want these guys to spend more money on their defense budget!

And then he claims NATO doesn't take advantage of the US, and that Trump "lavishes praise" on dictators and US enemies. This is at best DNC talking points.

Show this to your "conservative" friends and family who think well of either of these so-called men. They are gleeful in the face of the destruction of white civilization. Goldberg doesn't want Germany to return to being a thriving concern. He wants mortal interdependence to prevent them from being a threat to his plan.

Audio clipped with a little bit of context: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0fl4M0NFN6p


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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=-6-vmiQVCQM&t=39m49s :

The Glenn Beck Program (07/11/2018) — CONFRONTATIONAL TONES AND TACTICS? - YouTube

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