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I'm surprised the media hasn't suggested his face get added to mount rushmore.

Speaking of Mount Rushmore, How long before it has to come down?

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who gives a shit about that traitor?

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Was always going to be a shit show. Terrible examples.

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I hear it was the same with the Aretha Franklin thing.

I was linked to the nbc video on youtube. Unless the upvotes and comments were being manipulated my mind is blown by how so many were commenting saying he was a hero. The funeral is just another circus for them to talk trash. Might as well have put it on SNL.

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Poor Mr. songbird.

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who? I associate McCain with the french fry company. don't know anyone else with the last name worth remembering? I think there was this one guy though, traitor, evil rat bastard but he's dead now.

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He's the grave that smells like piss.

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They also make incredibly sweet frozen juice concentrate.

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McCain died with extreme hate for Trump because McCain sold his soul and knelt before every evil entity in the politisphere and it wasn't enough to get him the presidency, while Trump just went out and took it with little more than a twitter account and the balls to call bullshit bullshit.

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What gets me is these press faggota have been singing the praises of McCain’s crossing the isle, yet in 2007 when he was running against O’nigger he was a war monger if racist wanting to turn back the clock on civil rights.

Come to think of it. Ever notice anytime a republican gets some sort of power some one ALWAYS says “________ wants to turn back the clock”


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He has become a political prop in his own funeral.

Q. What is black and white and dead all over?

A. The funerals for McCain and Aretha Franklin -- going around town like a carnival show for almost a week now.