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This is worth explaining to others.

Natio means race, a people, nation means a land for a race of people. The reason and purpose of nations is to protect a peoples most important job, motherhood. Women are for being mothers.

The USA has a national defense budget larger than the next 10 nations combined. https://kek.gg/i/57jL6N.jpeg But this was taken at the border very recently. The USA doesn't exist, sanctuary states are a staggeringly clear example of white genocide.

jews are responsible for slavery. https://youtu.be/6yWCzTQemI4?t=483

I am a racial preservationist, I do what is best for white survival. Whitephobic jews are responsible for white genocide.


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The USA doesn't exist

For all practical purposes, this is what they're telling the invaders. Yet they keep the rest of us hostage to their gang tactics. How long?


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Either until were exterminated or enough of us become aware and organized in order to do what is best for white survival. A lot of people are ignorant and in denial.

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Yep, this attempt at theft by shaming is their best bet at getting themselves an advanced society before they're pushed back into the regressed genetic mean of their greatest evolved state of being largely mindless grass hut dwellers.


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Maybe "PoC" should try to do the same, instead of crying about disadvantages in our nations.

Maybe we shouldnt even discuss these things, and instead ban leftism and democracy that caused the mass immigration in the first place?

You KNOW that PoS wont go back voluntarily.

You KNOW that PoS want to feed off the work of whites.

You KNOW that the left, and the niggers, and the faggots, and every member of their anti-white coalition is a dishonest fucking liar, traitor and parasite.

Whats the benefit of discussing ANYTHING with these fucking people? These people are our enemies, theyd enslave or kill us all if they only could. Whats the point of trying to debate an enemy that is attacking you at the same time? These fucking vermin do not have any coherent arguments, every time they open their lying mouths they just utter random nonsense to distract you while theyre attacking you while youre trying to debate them and desperate to comprehend their nonsensical "arguments".

As long as the enemy keeps advancing, there is no place for peace talks. Everybody who keeps trying to talk yourself out of fighting the enemy, while at the same time losing territory, is a deserter and a traitor.


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I don't give a shit what the fucking animals do, I just want them out.

Whether they leave voluntarily, are forcefully deported, or just... "disappear," is utterly irrelevant to me.


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Wasn't that tried before?... Zimbabwe? What did that place use to be called? Rhodesia? Hmm, not arguing against the idea as it's a good one but I think it's been tried before with an as expected result with them Africans.


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Muh repartations doe.