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The old system was to pass laws. Not get rid of old ones. That gave Congress the feeling that they were doing something, even if it was fucked up like this was. Trumps system is to get rid of shit laws, here's to hoping this is one of them.


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It would be a miracle if he did, in my mind. Then start pushing out the non-whites, take back our fucking nation.


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One law passed and the nogs would go willingly and peacefully. They would line up for the boat.

End all welfare/snap/gibs in the US.

Allow anyone who wants to keep theirs the right to do so as long as they meet the following 2 conditions. 1: They leave the US 2: They give up their citizenship.

3: Shit hole nations can keep their aid from the US as long as they take people who apply under this program. They get extra payments for taking prisoners or felons. This program can be used in lieu of prison for most offenders.

Why pay them? Well we print the fake USD at the fed and swell it at banks. Who cares. It's fake money anyway. Nogs are real..

How long will they be paid? Forever... Flat payments on a heavily inflating currency. :) In 10 years it will be worthless anyway. Imagine the money saved on prisons and welfare and crime and and.. Plus it would all be voluntary! They would ask to go!

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Organic matter that saturated with alcohol has a tendency not to rot.


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Repeal and reverse...