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LMAO. Remember these were all former mods on Voat. That was their vision for this site.

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Poal is the bizarro version of Voat where all the wrong design decisions were made. You downvote bullshit from shills over there, the shills can see it and start a witch hunt with their other alts.

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Forget them. They're just Phuks 2.0

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Poal is a perfect test case for why @Atko was smart to not allow you to see who the votes are from.

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Going to Poal and calling them gay is like going to a gay bar and commenting how gay it is. The. bigger question is why OP hanging out a gay bar?

Good job OP 👏

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They won't be going back, they're saying their account was deleted. Frankly I'm surprised the jews on Poal haven't deleted my account yet,.

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Problem is that you are all there! Not me! No sir!

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I’m not gay so I can’t imagine why ;-)

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I bet if you started pointing out the hidden trannies they would ban you even faster somehow.

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Hidden trannies, everywhere! No where to run!

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Running is for the trannies.

I've never met a regular human interested in running as sport.

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I heard poal is run by trannies trying to subvert western civilation

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You're probably not wrong