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That's not how a honeypot works. They'd try to entrap you or gather personally identifying information if it was a honeypot. Banning you just means they don't take kindly to your folk.

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links ??

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You want me to link the definition of honeypot for you?

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Not that this is necessarily germane but a platform that excludes Judeo-obsessives is not a bad idea - provided everyone knows they're excluded beforehand. I've been on fora where their presence is limited - even race conscious fora - and the conversations are much more diverse and interesting. No army of tards calling you a Jew or blaming athlete's foot on ZOG.

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No, accounts with those names were DV accounts only. They were mass DVing people.

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Could be because your one size fits all scapegoat removes Blackmail and Extortion from an openly corrupt FBI? I don't care if it's a Black Homosexual Jew or Muslim right now, it's the fucking FBI that holds the gun aimed at our heads.

This Jewish State that owns the FBI has a head quarters that needs a soapbox.

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You really know more than you let on.

Have you really gone that far down the road to nihilism?

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Don't go there. Fuck em,