[–] zyklon_b 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Death to poal

[–] AmalekReturns [S] 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

If you look at the ban log and removed submissions log, it looks exactly like the logs for v/realProtectVoat. Same type of comments "SBBH shill".

[–] zyklon_b 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

they are hilarious

[–] Professor_de_la_Paz 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

I don't know that I agree with you there, and I usually do.
I try post the same content on Phuks, Poal, and Voat because the user base is different. Yes, there's some overlap but the comments on each site are usually different.

[–] HappyShitposter 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

It's like a parody of v/meanwhileonreddit

[–] zyklon_b 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Its a joke komrade. We really aint got nothing against poal is just to cause some laughs