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Poal is just a safespace for snowflakes and libtards like @jsac and @freshmeat

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A lot of the pedos that were hounding v/pizzagate are over there now too. I'm pretty certain James Alefantis is the user SunOutGunsOut.

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yes (((poal))) if a safesspace for pedos to trade kiddy porn is what I read in another post

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Whatcha doing?

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here I am just fucking with the people that went to (((poal))) just for laughs no kinda agenda or animosity

I am about to go mow and weedeat 1 of the yards I maintain up on a mountain. I am scheming on sumthn young and ripe and delicious..... if sumthn happens I send u pix.

what you doin?

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dont be jealous your shit jew organization gets banned instantly at poal, cunts ;)

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rent free kike

@gabara @expertshitposter

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Oy but they support Israel and hate Seth Rich!

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The only thing sadder than their subverse is this one.