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They don't seem to care for Seth Rich. Figures. @Zyklon_B @GreySkull @AlienEskimo

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I just think it's funny that they don't seem to be aware they've all been moved to the kids table.

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@Amalekreturns Poal is for bitches too butthurt make it here. You are not a bitch and do not get man up and finish whatever it is you are doing komrade.


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SaneGoat and Amalek were not bad goats.

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ben kikeshiro has his shit upvoted on the regular bots? or jidf https://voat.co/domains/dailywire.com/new

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The voting on Poal is a bit weird

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Internet points don't matter. You belong on Reddit, not poal.

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I think that's what the Voat's OP is saying or are you addressing the OP on Poal?

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Whats this catfight about?