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@darkknight111 I am brand new to Voat, or any site like this for that matter and this is my first comment. I have a vested interest in and believe strongly in bringing the pedo monsters of the world down. I’m fairly proficient with meme creation and am happy to help create and post! Help me out with some text and I’ll get started!


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I have some ideas like “Ask Steven Spielberg what happened to Judith Barsi.”

Case information: (from the threads, been looking into this case for about 8 months).

Part of Jaws the Revenge was filmed in THAT Martha’s Vineyard (the one from the Podesta Emails.

How does nobody hear two gun shots (the alleged murder weapon was a .32 pistol, decibil rating for such a weapon is about 152 decibils?

The official narrative was that she died on 7/25. How did no one call the police after hearing 2 gunshots in a neighberhood known to have a violent domestic abuser?

July of 1988 was the start of one of the worst heat waves in American history. The average time after death for the scent of decay/rot (its EXTREMELY potent) to start spreading is 24 hours under average weather conditions. That heat wave (same humidity of 70% Canoga Park has around that time of year) would have accelerated that rate of decay. Judith Barsi under the official narrative was dead for over 36 hours before the body was discovered. How did no one (not even a dog, note that animals don’t lie) smell a corpse for that long.

This means that Judith Barsi’s true date of death was 7/27 aka Grand Climax (major date on satanic calander). Given Spielberg’s mafia ties (via his long time friendship with a Bronfman, a notorious mafia family financially tied to the Rothschilds), its likely Spielberg is involved in her murder.

Judith Barsi was molested in the filming of the pilot of the 1980’s Twilight Zone TV series and Jaws the Revenge. Recommended by Spielberg both times (he also had indirect involvement with both).

Michael Caine, a known statutory rapist (on set of Blame it On Rio) was in Jaws the Revenge and is a likely culprit in that incident.

Spielberg was in the Bilderberg confernce in Portugal during the late 1990s.


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I’ll create some memes and run by you. Then wait for your “go” to post!! Keep up the good fight! WWG1WGA


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I'll make meme's for you in Photoshop if you give me the photos and text and describe the sizing/color...


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http://magaimg.net/img/65tx.png Here’s an image. Good starting image to convey her as one of Pedowood’s victims. I’ll look for more.

http://magaimg.net/img/65u6.png Prototype for “Ask Steven Spielberg What Happend to Judith Barsi?”