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@9217 This oils your time to shine as well. This site is about real investigations specifically exposing Tavistock. @9217 you can copy past your information here. We have worked together for a year to get to this point. It is time to unearth Tavistock and show the direct connections to locations here in the US like Esalen and Findhorn....;


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I am going to post my steemit threads relevant to Tavistock here. Am working on another at the moment.

This is a post on Jung having worked directly for Allen Dulles of the CIA as agent 488

Which then connects to Esalen

Whose early visitors were CIA and Tavistock figures

Esalen also spawned the Human Potential Movement, which is tied to the Finders

So there it would look like: Tavistock & OSS & CIA -> Esalen -> Human Potential Movement -> The Finders

Findhorn is connected to Esalen via the Centers Gathering. Findhorn is also linked to Tavistock, as well as the UN and even CERN. Its founders were admitted OSS members and military personnel who were in an esoteric group that also included the founder of Wicca, Gerald Gardner.

And all of this ties back to multiple examples of anonymous claims of ritual abuse tied to locations like Harbin, which is linked to Esalen.

I haven't done a post yet on Tavistock by itself. Will do that soon.


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@9217 Yes please share your material. It would be appreciated.