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Thanks for checking out my website!

I'm having some trouble with cloudflare, they are not letting files bigger than 100 MB through. For now you can upload to http://direct.pixeldra.in/. Which is the same site, but it bypasses the cloudflare limitations. You will have to login again, because the session cookie is not shared between subdomains.

Also, I'm very sorry for responding way too late ;(. Voat doesn't notify me about new submissions, I will have to check more often.

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I'll check the server logs to see what went wrong. Probably just a HTTP time-out though.

HTTP is not very well suited for large (1+ GB) file transfers and if too many packets drop during the transfer, or the server takes too long to respond it fails.

EDIT: There's a ClientAbortException in the logs from yesterday. The browser killed the connection before the server could respond.

EDIT 2: Ignore everything I just said :P. I just noticed in the screenshot that it does say that the file finished uploading. Could you check this page to see if it's there? http://direct.pixeldra.in/history