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I'm not very good with the legal stuff...

Here's a brief overview of the privacy situation:

  • Only people who you share the file link with can see the file
  • But I can see your files too if I look in the database. I never download files that were not shared directly with me
  • IP addresses are kept in the database too, but only to limit bandwidth and reduce spamming. I'll never try to backtrack IPs on purpose
  • The website uses google analytics, so I have detailed insights on where my traffic comes from and where it goes
  • Passwords of user accounts are strongly encrypted using a well reviewed passwordhash method:

So, overall you just need to decide if you trust me with your data or not. But that's a risk you have on any content hosting site that is not your own. All I can do is build up a reputation of trusted host, and maybe do some more encryption.