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I don't think I'm going to make a flash uploader, I'm trying to stick to open technologies. I have plans for adding a websocket uploader though, if executed well enough it might be way faster than the HTTP uploads, and also won't be limited to cloudflare limits.

As for wma files, I don't know if browsers support that. Normally when you upload an unsupported format to a video hosting site it will get transcoded to a format that browsers understand (like mp4), but pixeldrain does nothing with files that get uploaded, it only stores them. I'll have to look into it, maybe there's an easy workaround to make it work.

Deleting files is planned. The whole file browser will have to be redesigned eventually, but before I can do that I need to implement the new API, which I've had no time for at all as I'm in the middle of my school exams :). I'll get to it eventually.

I'm planning to move to a directory based system for file management, it will have a lot of cool features. Also files won't be temporary only anymore, you'll be able to choose if you want a file to be temporary, then it won't be added to your storage use.

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I'm not very good with the legal stuff...

Here's a brief overview of the privacy situation:

  • Only people who you share the file link with can see the file
  • But I can see your files too if I look in the database. I never download files that were not shared directly with me
  • IP addresses are kept in the database too, but only to limit bandwidth and reduce spamming. I'll never try to backtrack IPs on purpose
  • The website uses google analytics, so I have detailed insights on where my traffic comes from and where it goes
  • Passwords of user accounts are strongly encrypted using a well reviewed passwordhash method: https://crackstation.net/hashing-security.htm

So, overall you just need to decide if you trust me with your data or not. But that's a risk you have on any content hosting site that is not your own. All I can do is build up a reputation of trusted host, and maybe do some more encryption.