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When ALF et al throw molotovs and shit, you're not rebelling against anything, you're trying to scare people into obedience and submission to your feelings. It is most definitely terrorism.

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The only feelings involved are yours - your sense of entitlement to enslave other species.

If you're committing violent, evil deeds against the most innocent life forms, you should be scared. You should never sleep soundly. :)

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You try and murder people because they won't be YOUR slave.

Your anthropomorphization of animals is a mental illness and not based in reality whatsoever.

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Rebellion is a natural act of self defense, synonymous with resistance. Terrorism is an artificial act of violence against others, synonymous with manslaughter. You have to be demented to confuse the two definitions.

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Tell that to the U.S government, who created the Animal Enterprise Act to make trespassing, petty vandalism and documenting the torture and abuse of animals crimes in the category of "terrorism".