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Man have made up the word and concept "truth". The concept or meaning of absolute truth or rather actual absolute truth, man can never perceive. We do sense and experience it, but as soon as we perceive it, it is no longer absolute truth.

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The truth is what is objectively true and nobody can generate or modify it, there is no such thing as someones own truth. Truth is absolute and objective no matter what people say or believe.

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  • there is truth
  • there are facts
  • there are points of view
  • there are opinions

just don’t mix it up, that’s all …

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Quit talking to yourself, whore.

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There is Logos -

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What do you mean?

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Finding truth is a process, and the people who believe what the media tells them are not going through that process.

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There is an Earth and it has an approximate shape and size which varies over time to degrees which only matter at a certain scale.

There is a universe outside my tiny, monkey-brain which I perceive via my pathetically limited monkey-senses. I can use devices to increase the resolution of my senses in making observations of the world, but the world itself is still what it was disregarding minute changes over the time span of the observations.

Looking across the lake in my city, I can make out rough shapes of buildings in the city on the other side of the lake. Using binoculars or a telescope I can bring those shapes into sharper focus. The buildings did not change, but I increased the resolution of my vision to gather more information.

So we live. We grow. We evolve. We collect information at increasingly greater levels of resolution to increase our understanding of the universe and our ability to make predictions based on that understanding. What seemed impossible when I was young has already been surpassed in my own lifetime.

We may not have flying cars, but we could if we wanted them badly enough. Same goes for colonies on nearby planets and moons. It's impractical, but not completely outside our reach.

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The geoid is a good view of the shape of the earth.

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Do you think that instead of the truth we might only see shadows on the wall of a cave?

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No, except in cases of hallucinations and mental illness.

I do think it is important to communicate frequently and truthfully with other people, who may have information you aren't aware of. It's even possible to learn from people who are objectively "wrong", however they came to their "wrong" conclusions.

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"Glob" lol, what a moron.

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Sit down, shut up, get out. (simplest linguistic recipe for meditation) Truth is a word someone made up.

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Truth is a never ending quest of discarding lies

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