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is god another word for energy

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I kinda like that analogy

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Or possibly a pure consciousness that exists as the motivating factor of all else.

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I don't get it. Is this a question? It's just two "if" statements.

Personal i just regard the concept of "god" as the creator. Whatever started the universe or what ever and controls the world. I am a determinist and thereby i believe the first action to ever happen has created and dictated everything that is, has ever been and will ever be and all what ever change this "it" has done, is doing or will do.

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what makes you think there had to be a concious creator? (or even an unconcious one)

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What you describe is almost exactly the way Alan Watts would describe consciousness which more or less is "God." If God is infinite and everything then consider what I say next....

Everything that exists must exist within consciousness, there is nothing that exists outside of consciousness (cannot be experienced in some conscious way). Everything has energy, nothing exists without energy. Everything exists within our universe, there is nothing "outside" our universe. If God is everything, then God cannot be just one thing. If God is everything, God must also be nothing. This is because once something has encompassed everything it loses it own attribution. I can't go looking for energy and non-energy because everything is energy. I cannot seek it out and grasp it. It is the underlying component to everything.

With these 3 things, one might conclude that: A. The universe is "god" B. Consciousness is "god" C. Energy is "god" D. "God" is anything that has no outside

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God is not everything; He has revealed that there is a Creator/creature distinction. But everything is dependent on Him for its existence.

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Interesting proposal. I think the relationship of the creator/creature is to mimic our understanding on dualism. For example, sound does not exist without a listener. Vibrations are being made in the air and a listener that has an eardrum can evoke sound out of vibrations. In this same way, God only exists because of the creations. This is my way of saying that God would equally depend on us to exist for God to exist. Would there be a God if there was no one to believe in a God?

I think we evoke the idea of God out of consciousness as our own dualistic way of looking at the world

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Scottc, your presuppositions got in the way of your view of what the Christian worldview actually is. The Triune God has always had the principle of society within Himself. He doesn't need the creation for that. So Christian Theism is not a dualism as you describe it.

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OK, so let's go with that. Say compare "God" to a spark that unleashes a nuclear explosion. How do you start a thermo-nuclear explosion? You need heavy water you need plutonium or uranium you need a chemical explosive and you need an ignitor(spark). So if "God/spark" says "I have created this thermo-nuclear explosion" it is both true and irrelevant as yes every explosion needs a spark but a spark is nothing compared to the explosion it self, it does not controll the explosion nor does it have much influence over any part of it is just a spark(unless proven/demonstrated otherwise).

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Gotta go to worship right now...Will deal with what you have written later... But one might ask by what worldview a law of logic like ((A -> B -> C) ^ (~A -> D -> C)) -> C, attempted in the OP, can be warranted. What is your worldview, AdelaisNjall?

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How can everything not be a person? Your body is made up of millions and billions of microorganisms, yet you are the god of your body and you are a person, so you are everything that is in your body, but at the same time not everything and also personal. Thats how you have to imagine god, god is the highest personality of the highest body.

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I can accept this definition but you obviously aren't speaking of the god of the Bible nor any other known god with exception of Brahma maybe

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Brahma is close, yet still wrong, the highest god is called Vishnu.

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There is no god.


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depends on the definition of "god"

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God is so powerful that he can even place limitations on his own power. Fag.

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I will not deny you the right to believe anything you wanna believe - it's more fun this way